The most beautiful aspects of winter. Claude Monet's "Hoarfrost in Giverny" interpreted by textile designer Antje Rauner. Published by muse exclusively for the Barberini Museum.

Hardly any artist has dealt with the colors of winter as intensively as Claude Monet.
In his painting “Hoarfrost in Giverny” from the Hasso Plattner collection, Monet masterfully managed to capture the mood of a winter day in nature. This shows that snow, hoarfrost and ice are not just white. Only the interplay of blue, violet and white tones creates this lasting impression and you almost feel like you can feel the cold of the day.

Antje Rauner was inspired by Monet's colors and his special brushstrokes.
The textile designer works with carefully selected weaving mills and manufacturers. "RAUREIF" was woven in two color versions by a manufactory on Lake Como in Italy using the jaquard technique.

    • Dimensions: 115 x 115 cm
    • Material: 89% viscose, 11% silk
    • Made in Italy

  • © muse store
  • Katharina Behling
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