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Alexandra Tsoukala's exclusive foulard is inspired by Gustav Klimt's timeless masterpiece Johanna Staude from the collection of the Belvedere, Vienna. The center of the composition is the extravagantly patterned robe that Johanna Staude wears and whose ornamentation completely breathes the spirit of Viennese Art Nouveau. Alexandra Tsoukala has brilliantly translated foliage and colors into her own design language and her unique folding technique. In this way, it preserves the essence of Klimt's work, in which art and fashion of the time merge seamlessly. Published by muse exclusively for the Barberini Shop, Potsdam.

    • Dimensions: 146 x 80 cm
    • Material: Satin polyester fabric
    • Washable at 40 degrees

  • © Tsoukala / edited by muse store
  • Katharina Behling
  • 1216122887
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