Tea . CHAMOMILE TEA . twenty infusions
The French tea producer Le Bénéfique has made it their mission to bring a moment of lingering into our everyday. The teas are made from selected herbs and plants, which are specially collected and dried by hand. Le Bénéfique is the only tea manufacturer that also uses the stems of the plants for its tea infusions, what is giving them not only their special taste but also a unique look. Chamomile is a freedom loving plant, it grows where it wants between the grasses. Its taste is sweet, but with a hint of bitterness. The fine chamomile tea is a delicate delight and is known for both its healing and its calming effects.
  • Le Bénéfique
  • Chamomile flower
  • 1216102518
  • Contains: 16 stems Chamomile
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