This little note and sketchbook blossoms, if you would plant it after you noted all your ideas.
The book cover is speckled with flower seeds. The body is made of patented gras paper.
The Dresden based start-up Matabooks is the first editor in Germany, which is specialized on vegan books. All books are compostable and are handmade in Germany. Gras paper is produced without chemical products and all books are made without any animal substances for the glue or the printing colors.
Such a degree of sustainability and care for nature deserves our plain-air-artist-stamp for all people and artists, who love the nature.

  • Samenbuch Blanko
  • Matabooks, 2020
  • 1216104139
  • Format 100 x 135 mm, 85 g / m² grass paper (up to 50% grass fiber content, fresh fiber content from FSC-certified forests), hardcover with seed paper (consisting of wildflower seeds and cotton scraps), 108 inside pages without ruling, adhesive binding, eco-printing inks.
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