Action figurine . CLAUDE MONET
David Beaulieu, the founder of Today is Art Day, wants to make art and art history more accessible to everyone. It all started in 2014, when he began sharing a fun story about an art work or artist on his social media channels every day. This concept consequently lead to the development of further ideas and games: tongue-in-cheek introductions to artists and their works. Like this action figurine of Claude Monet, with a water lily in his hand and a happy frog in his pocket. Fun feature: when exposed to heat, the reactive paint will change colour. Just as Monet's paintings were determined by the colours of the respective time of day and season. Enclosed are five small Monet masterpieces and a matching cut-out easel. Printed on the box are 10 fun facts about the artist. So feel free to impress your friends with your art knowledge!
  • Today is Art Day
  • Claude Monet
  • 1216102575
  • PVC, approx. 12,7 cm tall
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