Scarf . POINTILLISMUS . Without border

This wonderfully light wool and silk scarf catches the sun's rays. Designed by textile and fashion designer Antje Rauner based on Paul Signac's masterpiece Sunset over the Harbour. Opus 236 (Saint Tropez). Antje Rauner concentrated entirely on the essence of the composition. The bright shades of yellow, the blue and the touches of red, the color contrasts that make each other shine. Signac himself titled his painting like a musical composition. Antje Rauner's summer scarf makes this sound vibrate. Exclusively for the Barberini Shop. Produced on Lake Como in Italy.

  • 1216119888
  • exklusive textiles . 45 x 180 cm . 85% Viskose, 15% Wolle . Made in Italy
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