Sailboat . SIGNAC . Breadboard

For sailors and sea lovers. For breakfast or dinner. On board or at home.

The clou of these boards is the production process. Each engraving is positioned according to the unique wood grain of each single board. The experienced engraver decides where to place the image. This procedure makes each board unique.
Our sailing boat is designed after an artwork by Paul Signac “The Port at Sunset, Opus 236”.
One of the masterpieces at the Museum Barberini.
Designed and produced exclusively for the Barberini Shop. Made in Germany

Each piece is unique . item photo may differ from the original

  • Auf dem Wasser . Frühstücksbrett mit Gravur inspiriert von Paul Signac
  • 1216103903
  • Ash wood from sustainable cultivation in Germany, oiled, laser-engraved . Care instructions: Oil before first use and afterwards at regular intervals (e.g. with olive oil) . Not suitable for dishwashers.
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