wooden rattle . ZARTOY . horse
This wooden rattle is a special gift for the little ones. Wonderfully soft, smoothly sanded real wood, made according to traditional Russian motifs, this baby rattle is a wonderful alternative to the many products from the plastic world. In the best Russian tradition, the most exclusive baby rattles in the world were created. Each piece is carved from natural beech wood, polished and refined with linseed oil and beeswax. This beautiful matryoshka is also filled with dried buckwheat: a perfect rattle for little baby hands. ZARTOY translated means tsar's toys - in fact, in earlier times these small works of art were only reserved for the children of the tsar and the Russian aristocracy! The founder of ZARTOY, George Kolos, himself a master of church wood carving, has committed himself to this traditional craftsmanship with his manufacture.
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  • birch wood
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