Barrington Barber . DRAWING CLASS
Barrington Barber draws on his artistic expertise and long experience of teaching to create a structured, user-friendly drawing course to guide the aspiring draughtsman through the whole process of learning to draw. The class starts with a lesson on basic exercises in line, shape, and texture, and then progresses through lessons on the following topics: form and tone, close observation, the outside world, the human figure, materials and techniques, perspective and foreshortening, the animal world, creating composition, still life, portraits, and landscape. (Source: goodreads)
  • Barrington Barber
  • Drawing Class
  • Bassermann, 2011
  • 9783809427056
  • 1216102401
  • Paperback, 304 pages, 20.9 x 26.0 cm, all illustrations b/w
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